Global Talent Survey: Secrets of International Migration Revealed

Monday, 6 October 2014

When looking for new talent internationally, knowing what motivates job seekers to migrate for job roles and uncovering what they value from a company can be invaluable for attracting the best talent. This is why we at The Network – a global alliance of more than 50 leading management consultancies – teamed up with leading management consultancy The Boston Consulting Group to undertake one of the biggest surveys of it’s kind about global talent, offering unique insight into the minds of core job seekers across the world.

Over 200,000 jobs across 189 countries took part in our survey, covering everyone from senior managers to single parents and students to learn what factors motivate them and which countries – if any – they would consider moving to. We are now able to reveal the results of the report Decoding Global Talent: 200,000 Survey Responses on Global Mobility and Employment Preference – and the findings may prove surprising to even the most experienced HR professionals.

Although we now operate in a world with little in the way of workplace boundaries – with over two thirds of respondents saying they are willing to move internationally for work – the reason jobs migrate isn't always for monetary gain. For participants from countries that are economically stable, we found that candidates are often looking to broaden their personal experiences rather than better their career opportunities or seek higher wages. Conversely, jobs from countries with a poor economy or political unrest are often looking to improve their circumstances with better pay and conditions. This sort of information only touches on the surface of what the report uncovered and is invaluable to hiring managers looking to put in place the best international recruitment strategies. In order to cope with future global workforce shortages, employers need to align their strategy to what the talent really wants – and the survey shows that often employees want to learn new things within a company culture that appreciates their work. Company cars and additional benefits are out while good working environments and relationships are in.

In terms of top migration locations, the Decoding Global Talent results showed that the USA is the top foreign work destination, seen as appealing by 42% of participating jobs. This is followed by two other English-speaking countries: the UK and Canada, cited by 37% and 35% of survey-takers respectively. It was also clear that companies need to be more proactive in countries like Brazil, Russia or China to attract talent as there is a huge gap between willing to be abroad and actually going abroad at these destinations.

Want to know more about the Global Talent Survey? We have made it easier than ever before for Hiring Managers to access the findings and locate the information most pertinent to your business needs. The results of the survey have been launched as a main Global Report and soon we will also be launching three broken-down briefs split into country, industry and rare/sought-after profiles, and an online analysis tool with results filtered at the click of a button.

By using the Global Talent Survey data tool it has never been easier to attract the best talent internationally.

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