How does hiring through The Network work?

We created a single point of contact concept for recruiters' ultimate convenience. No matter where you look to recruit, our partner in the country where you're located is your global expert. Your local account manager will advise you on the best possible recruitment solution for the country/countries where you seek candidates.
Instead of a one-fits-all approach, The Network has a dedicated partner in each of the countries covered who offers local products for your international recruitment. As experts in their country's labour markets, their individualised services have proven successful. You'll benefit from our local partner’s brand awareness, reaching ideal candidates because our members understand local talent and how to attract and recruit them.
To set up your individual international recruitment strategy, all you have to do is contact our member in your country – you'll be assisted by a person who speaks your language, understands your needs, and is a true specialist when it comes to sourcing talent around the globe. What are you waiting for?

How do I select the best products for my recruitment needs?

Different markets have different cultures that determine the most effective way to recruit talent from the local market. While in one country a standard job posting might work perfectly, in another country the way to recruit from the local market might be the CV database, as is the case for Russia. Luckily, our international expert from your local job board can advise on the best strategy and suggest a measure-made product mix for your recruitment campaign.

How do I post a job?

For urgent hiring needs or just one immediate vacancy, you can simply post a job online yourself using our online order system. Enter your information in four simple steps and post your job to multiple countries at one time. Account setup is not required, and it’s simple and fast. Select the country/countries you want to post to, enter your company information, job title and description, your logo and contact information and you can directly preview your job as it will appear online. Payment can be made by credit card. Get started here.

How do I post more than one job?

For multiple vacancies – even a few thousand – we have the most convenient solution for you. We evaluate the best posting solution for your company based on the exact number of postings you wish to place, whether or not you use an ATS, if you have a recruitment website of your own, and many other factors.  We've partnered up with leading job distributors, such as BroadBean, eQuest and Multiposting.fr., to provide you with state of the art job posting processes. Whether you prefer a manual method of posting, integration with our multiposting tool or an automated feed, we will advise and train you on the most convenient and cost-effective solution for your business. Read here more about the difference between the Recruiter Space & our Multiposting Tool or learn more about how to use the Recruiter Space if you are already a customer. No matter which solution you choose, your jobs will be online within 72 hours and you’ll stay in full control of your budget at all times.

How long will it take for my job to appear online?

Depending on your particular method of posting, the duration differs slightly. In case you have an automated set up or job scraping in place, your jobs go live immediately on the following member job boards: StepStone, Headhunter, Workopolis, Sprace, Uranus, Irishjobs, Jobstreet, Pracuj and Totaljobs; on Cadremploi, Keljob, Jobs.ch and Bayt your job ads will be posted the following day. No matter which job board or posting method you use, your job ads will be published within 72 hours.

How should I structure my advert?

A good job advertisement is easy to read, well formatted, has bullet points and – most importantly – is informative.
Keep your job title simple and appealing to candidates. You should stick to industry norms that people are likely to use in a job search. Make sure to avoid acronyms and internal language; use easy-to-read language instead.
Clearly state the required qualifications for your job posting, such as education, years of experience, or professional certification. Even better is a list that differentiates essential from desired qualifications. Including as much information as possible may help filter out irrelevant candidates, decreasing the number of applications and CVs that you have to sift through.
Don’t forget to mention: What are the job benefits? Are there opportunities for advancement within the organisation? How do candidates apply for the position? Clearly state how and when a candidate should apply for the position, including an application deadline.

How do I search CV databases?

Most of the CV databases offer two methods to search CVs: the quick search facility and the advanced search. The quick search allows you to search the database with the most common fields, such as location and sector. An advanced search will provide you with more fields, such as current and desired job title, so you receive only the candidates that best fit your criteria. You can choose the best solution for your individual hiring needs!

How do I pay?

When ordering directly online, you can pay by credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by invoice if you have a contract.

Who will help if I have questions or problems?

That depends on your question – for all questions regarding international recruitment, the ideal strategy for your company, contract details, etc., the best contact is your local expert. To contact your local expert, just select the location where your company is based to find contact details for an account manager located in your region – a global expert who speaks your language and understands your needs.
For questions about The Network as an organisation or any specific information, the central team is happy to help you. Just fill in the contact form and let us know what we can do for you!


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