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Visibility products promote employer branding

In a sea of classified job advertising, how do you make your job postings stand out? Why not start the recruitment process by publishing the type of listing that will attract your perfect candidate? For enhanced results, boost your employer branding with a number of tools available across The Network's global members.

  • Employer branding elevates your organisation from one of many to one of choice. Brand recognition and positive association attract your desired job seekers.
  • Give your workplace a competitive edge in high-demand labour markets.
  • Attract top talent with a great employer reputation thanks to heightened visibility.
  • Communicate the USPs of your company as a culture and the benefits of working there.

Effective employer branding helps advertise your business as an attractive employer proposition and explains what makes you different. This will entice top talent to apply for your vacancies.

The Network members offer measure-made products for each market so that you can reach the best candidates in any part of the world

Visibility & traffic driving products in detail:

  • Banners, skyscrapers and leader boards 
  • Microsites, careers websites and embedded video presentations
  • Direct mailings and more
  • Homepage of our partner job boards for broad exposure
  • Specific channel or niche sites for targeted campaigns - you select where you want your company listed
  • Employer branding products are available individually or in a cost-effective package including flexible job posting and/or CV database access.
  • Stay in control by monitoring results: receive statistics on number of views, apply online clicks, etc. to analyse campaign performance.

Placing your company in a better hiring position affords recruiters a greater selection of more desirable candidates. The local expertise of The Network members puts your company a step ahead of the competition in any labour market around the world.

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