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Become your own global recruitment expert with the invaluable Decoding Global Talent insight

When it comes to global recruitment, knowledge is key. To be successful, recruiters need to know more than just where to find talent: they must know if and where these prospects would move as well as how to attract these potential candidates.

Without specific knowledge of each individual market, you could use the trial and error method for hiring abroad. The more effective solution is the insight from the Global Talent Survey conducted by The Network together with The Boston Consulting Group, a comprehensive tool that gives recruiters detailed information about labour markets around the world.

Gain insight into the international labour market

Based on market labour research conducted in 189 countries together with The Boston Consulting Group, the Global Talent Survey data tool is an easy-to-use, interactive tool that answers these questions and more:

  • Where can I find the perfect candidate?
    Filter specific profiles depending on the vacancy you have to fill. Find candidates interested in relocating to the country where you need them. Narrow down the job boards and hiring resources that a particular segment uses.

  • What will persuade this candidate accept my offer?
    Assess expectations around benefit packages in a certain market. Understand why these candidates consider choosing a job and company abroad.

  • What are the most important job factors for prospects in different countries?
    Know which information potential candidates in certain markets expect.

Through The Network, you have exclusive access to this empowering resource for planning your global recruitment strategy. In 2014 alone, over 203,000 candidates shared details about their motivations and behaviour with regard to international mobility as well as employment preferences.

Take your global recruitment process to the next level with this asset. Designed to help employers – and countries – better understand the labour market, the insight from Decoding Global Talent takes the guesswork out of recruiting in foreign countries, enabling better results with fewer resources.

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