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Talent is the new capital for businesses as the international labour market becomes larger and more complex. Employees are becoming increasingly mobile as new markets open up around the world. Information about the market and how to best attract mobile candidates is vital for effective global sourcing.

A scope of research and knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else

In conjunction with the Intelligence Group, a Dutch research institute specialised in the labour market, international research was carried out by our partner job boards. We are experts at recruitment in foreign countries with the results of three international studies regarding global talent mobility:

  • 2006: 8 countries - 21,000 job seekers surveyed
  • 2009: 44 countries - 66,000 job seekers surveyed
  • 2011: 66 countries - 162,495 job seekers surveyed

Detailed information and global sourcing trends in the three white papers is available for download.

The Global Talent Survey conducted in 2014 is a joint project of The Network and The Boston Consulting Group, providing a unique global perspective with 203,000 people surveyed.

The Network offers exclusive understanding of the world’s talent pool. Knowing how mobile individuals around the world react differently puts recruiters in a stronger position to attract the best international talent. The research shows: 

  • Where to find talent that matches your needs
  • How to obtain your desired skill set or meet a shortage in the local labour market
  • Who is willing to move to a certain country and why
  • The most important job aspects for job seekers and the sources they use to find jobs

Global sourcing with confidence thanks to The Network

More than just an alliance of local market leaders, The Network itself remains a leader for recruitment in foreign countries. Through continuing research, we build on our knowledge and expertise in the global labour market, talent mobility and employment preferences.

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