The global spread of FindaJobinAfrica’s users – both inside and outside of Africa – ensures that your jobs are reaching as many quality candidates as possible.

FindaJobinAfrica increases the efficiency of your recruitment campaign through targeted e-newsletters, raising awareness of your job ads.

FindaJobinAfrica has an active CV database of half a million engaged jobseekers ready to apply for your jobs.

To save you time and money, FindaJobinAfrica filters out unsuitable CVs so you only receive responses from candidates closely matching your requirements.

As Africa’s premium job site, FindaJobinAfrica follows the principle of New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). FindaJobinAfrica was founded to provide a platform that facilitates communication between recruitment agencies, employers and jobseekers, irrespective of geographical location. FindaJobinAfrica is now changing the way that jobseekers in Africa look for jobs, making it easier for recruiters to source the most suitable candidates from a large pool of talent across the continent and globally.

FindaJobinAfrica: an effective recruitment solution

For employers looking to fill positions in Africa, FindaJobinAfrica is a cost-effective channel, allowing recruiters unbridled access and control of the job posting process, 24 hours a day. As a result, a large range of businesses use the service for their recruitment needs, from private companies to the public sector, recruitment agencies and non-governmental organisations.

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BAT Cameroon

You have shown a solid ability to manage clients through your customer-oriented services. Thanks a lot for your high levels of support and professionalism. We hope that this relationship continues.

Dave Benson – Recruitment Manager, Oxfam GB AFRICA

Using FindaJobinAfrica ensures that we reach a much wider population of jobseekers than with some of our traditional recruitment advertising channels. We’ve seen a significant number of applications for roles that can be attributed directly to the advertisements we have placed online.


Many thanks for keeping track of your clients and showing such interest in the recruitment exercise; this is definitely a plus for your company. As you now know, this is the first time we have used your service and the response has been exceptionally good. We are confident that we will be able to be very selective in recruiting due to the number and quality of the applications received. We will not only use your services again, but will pass the word round to others.

Standard Chartered Bank

As a first-time user, I was quite impressed by the responsiveness. The customer service was great in terms of creativity in the solutions offered. We got a far greater response than we expected and I believe that we exhausted the market, which is what every employer wants. Because of this, we are posting another advert with FindaJobinAfrica, which is an indication of our belief in the service.

KPMG Professional Services

I would like to briefly commend your team on their efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism, which were brought to fore during our last engagement. The quality of candidates that responded to the various positions through your resourcing medium was commendable. Once again, I thank you and look forward to a future rewarding partnership.

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