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For both Middle and Top management needs, ReKrute has a solution for each of them as it has the biggest database on the Moroccan and Tunisian market to help its clients fulfill all the positions within their company, with the best local practices. : for the recruitment of middle management offers you a valuable technological solution with a high added value that includes the best international methods for online recruitment, therefore providing you with a powerful partner for all your recruitment campaigns thanks to its 800 000 members. : for the recruitment of top management is a unique and innovative concept, launched in 2010 as a solution to source high profiles. With more than 12 000 members, combines the power of the web and head hunting techniques in social media, associated to customized HR solutions.

Here are some important figures about that support its positioning as leader in Morocco and Tunisia :

  • More than 800 000 applicants registered in the database and more than 750 000 CVs available to recruiters
  • Among active Moroccans and active Tunisians from higher education, ReKrute has 80% of both markets.
  • ReKrute is the 1st Moroccan and Tunisian recruitment portal and among top 10 most visited website in both countries with more than 6 million pages seen per month and more than 39 000 unique visitors per day
  • About 7 000 new registrations per month
  • 3500 Moroccan and international companies have put their trust in ReKrute services since 2006
  • 268 persons are reKruited each and every day on its web site
  • 98% of clients are satisfied with ReKrute services (2017 satisfaction survey)


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