Join leading companies like Intel, Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, ZARA, GAP, Checkpoint, Teva and AIG, all of which use Drushim.co.il as their No.1 source to find talented candidates in Israel.

Attract only the best candidates in the region: unlike other job boards in Israel, Drushim.co.il is totally free of charge for jobseekers, attracting the best pool of qualified candidates.

For fast, efficient recruitment get the most out of Drushim.co.il through their unique – and free – screening system that that allows you to screen candidates based on keywords, experience and residence.

Access the biggest pool of jobseekers in Israel: 46% of local jobseekers use Drushim.co.il to find a job (TIM/Teleseker survey) as all job listings on the site are relevant and represent open positions.

Take the stress out of your recruitment process and rely on Drushim’s 30+ account managers who service thousands of employers every year, offering the ‘best service in the industry’.

Founded in 2006, Drushim.co.il is the No.1 source of qualified candidates for most of the leading companies that operate in Israel, including Intel, Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, ZARA, GAP, AIG and many more. The company provides clients with the best recruitment solutions, including smart CV screening, a wide reach to all Israeli cities and various options to target your audience. The Drushim screening system is unique and allows you to screen candidates based on a specific keyword, experience or place of residence.

Drushim.co.il: Dedicated to you and the jobseeker

Drushim.co.il are 100% focused on satisfying all of your recruitment needs and they always provide customers with highly-qualified candidates for each and every job listing published on their site. Drushim is also well known among the public as they provide data for surveys and research in the field of employment and jobseeking.

Drushim.co.il works hard to maintain a strong brand presence in Israel through regular articles in the largest business newspaper as well as maintaining popular Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. So for a top recruitment solution in Israel, Drushim.co.il are sure to find qualified candidates and offer you a great return on investment.


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