Daijob.com is Japan’s #1 job site for multilingual and globally-minded Individuals.

The name itself is a play of words, the Japanese “daijoubu” meaning “It’s OK” while also meaning “Big job”, after the Japanese word “Dai” – big and the English “job”.

95% of Daijob’s registered users are bilingual.

70% of Daijob’s users can speak at least business level English.

Daijob.com website is offered in three languages – JP, EN and CN.

Over 490,000 job-seekers were registered with Daijob since 1998.

Daijob has built a solid reputation through 4,100+ happy clients from 27 countries.

Daijob offers a range of services conducted by its bilingual staff, available in Japanese, English and Chinese. These include an editing service to create an effective job posting and a scout service to filter through candidates based on a client’s requirements, including a first interview if necessary.

With Daijob’s Scout Mail service, companies can directly contact candidates that they find searching through the Resume Bank. The Scout Service also supports sending mail in bulk to all candidates who meet company’s hiring requirements.

Established in 1998 and used in more than 27 countries since, Daijob.com is one of Japan’s largest job boards specializing in multilingual talent.

Daijob Global Recruiting provides a link between people with excellent international communication skills and companies wishing to find employees who possess aglobal outlook. Daijob contributes to globalization and the development of the job market for the internationally-minded through their site aimed at Japanese global and foreign-affiliated companies, as well as its Daijob Go Global career fair. The Daijob Go Global Career Fair has attracted more than 20,000 attendees since its inception.

Fifteen years after establishment, Daijob is valued highly for its reliability and track record by over 2,500 companies. The Chinese version of Daijob’s website was released in 2012, designed to support the upsurge in Chinese professionals. By offering Daijob.com in Japanese, English and Chinese, your company will be able to leverage Daijob’s strengths in your recruitment strategy.


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