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Put your trust in the leading online recruitment group in the region: headhunter.kg is a part of the Headhunter Group, which operates successfully across 10 countries.

Get your job ads seen by the right local candidates – headhunter.kg is almost the 2nd largest job site in terms of unique users in Kyrgyzstan already, and it only launched in June 2015!

Take the effort out of your recruitment with 1000s of active CVs on a fully-formed CV database with trust assurance that all vacancies and jobseekers are genuine.

Extend the reach of your job ad – the Headhunter Group brings together the best talents across the country onto a major local and international single platform, opening out your pool of talent.

Use some of the best recruitment technology in the region – headhunter.kg uses the same innovative job board platform as hh.ru, the leading job board in Russia.

Job board headhunter.kg was launched in June2015 as a new project of Headhunter Group (the leading online recruitment group,operating across 10 countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States). The aimof headhunter.kg is to gather the best talent in the country and major localand international businesses on a single platform to enable companies to haveaccess to recruiting the best employees.hh.kz: part of a larger leading internet recruitment business

Headhunter.kg: leading the way in the region

Headhunter.kgwas built using the same innovative job board platform as hh.ru (the-leadingjob board in Russia). The quality of the services and search engine is one ofthe best on the market and after only 5 months, they are the third biggestjobsite in the region in terms of unique users and will soon be 2nd.

Headhunter.kgoffers clients access to a 6000+ strong CV database with only real vacancies andCVs included online – a common problem in the country. Their aim is to inspirethe confidence of both employers and jobseekers so you know your job ads are in the best hands.


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