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Enjoy great exposure: over 800,000 qualified candidates visit every month.

Recruitment is made easier with an extensive talent pool: Tecoloco has the largest CV database in Central America with 1 million registered candidates.

Tecoloco allows you to increase your reach and source talent not only from Panama but also six other countries in the region – via one portal.

Receive matching applications immediately to your company´s account in Tecoloco – it’s hassle free and easy to manage.

Use innovative pre-screening technology to filter out candidates that do not match you criteria.

Receive helpful advice to make recruitment even easier and more efficient with access to unrivalled customer service and support.

If you have senior roles to fill, Tecoloco also offers a strategic division of executive headhunting and is the exclusive provider in the region of the assessment Thomas International.

Offering two job boards in Panama, Tecoloco has become the number one in the market with 1 million quality candidates on the database.

Tecoloco Panamá was founded in 2007 and Saongroup acquired the site in 2010. With the merger of both sites, they are currently positioned as the number one recruitment service in the country so you can be certain that your jobs will reach the best active candidates.


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Julio Mosquera-Stanziola – Talent Acquisition, Dell Panamá

Tecoloco has proven to be a great complement to our recruitment process. We have found excellent talents for our organisation through Tecoloco, making our recruitment process easier.

Cecile Umaña – Human Resources Manager, Digicel Panamá

Tecoloco is more than a job board, they are a recruitment tool that supports us to boost our image as a great employer in the market and attract the best talent through innovative initiatives. The regional presence of Tecoloco has made them a great partner because they offer professional and reliable staff who satisfy our recruitment needs.

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