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104 Job Bank is the undisputed leader in the Taiwanese job market with an impressive brand awareness of more than 96%.

104 Job Bank offers access to great talent: Source from the largest CV database in the country with over 5 million CVs across Taiwan and China!

5 million registered candidates make 104’s CV database the largest in the country, giving you unparalleled reach to Taiwan’s talent and best value for your investment.

With more than 210,000 corporate customers in total and a hiring company’s penetration rate of more than 70%, 104 Job Bank is a well-respected and trusted provider of effective recruitment solutions in Taiwan.

A comprehensive range of HR products and services, as well as investments in innovative solutions, are aimed solely to enhance your recruiting experience and results.

Whatever your recruitment needs are, 104 Job Bank offers a one-stop-shopping solution for your business’ individual hiring strategy.

104 Job Bank was founded in 1996 and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2006 as the first and only job board in Taiwan. Efficient services were established for bringing together recruiters and candidates to match job demand with need. As a result, 104 Job Bank hasbeen the market leader in terms of revenue, quality of service and registered candidates ever since.


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Product Offering


Mr. Chiu – IKEA Corporation

We are a large chain of furniture and home decoration stores. We plan to expand our headquarters to six stores within 5 years in Taiwan and with the growth of our market every store needs more people from the front-line to the back office and management. Because of 104’s good reputation and brand awareness, we receive numerous CVs and have worked with them for a long time. 104 corporation also provides lots of additional ways to advertise our jobs; we can highlight it with flash and post hot jobs on their homepage during urgent periods. As a result, we collect many CVs from jobseekers, which is helpful.

Miss Wu – Ding Ding integrated marketing Service Corporation

Ding Ding integrated marketing service Corp. operates a “Happy Go” bonus points platform. Due to the brand awareness of 104, we receive numerous good CVs. If there is an urgent job post we can use the CV search function. This system helps us to invite the right candidates to interview quickly. Also, the great customer service of 104 quickly resolves any questions that we might have. Their passionate attitude is very professional and sweet.

Miss Huang – IQ Technology Inc.

IQ Technology is dedicated to providing solutions for intelligent e-Services and language process technology. We need software engineers so we search lots of relevant CVs in the 104 database and applicants send us their CVs directly through the 104 system. It’s easy and efficient to manage candidate info and get the right staff.

Miss Huang – Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.

Hi-Q is dedicated to researching the immune system and nutrition for marine biotechnology, undertaking successful marine cultivation projects for 12 years. It’s so lucky that there are numerous candidates in the 104 database. The outcome is very successful and we have been satisfied by the service. If we have any other new posts in the future, 104 will be the first priority for our company.

Miss Wu – World Soybean King Restaurant

World Soybean King Restaurant started to hire people online last year. The main reason we chose 104 was their good reputation and because they were the first online employment and recruitment company in Taiwan. We use 104 because we can create new jobs and update job specifications at any time ourselves and the applications are quick and great. In the meantime, if we want to post jobs such as chef or waitress, 104 publicises our requests on 104 dining and travel board for free.

Metropolitan Warehouse Equipment Co., Ltd.

There are many online employment and recruitment companies, but we still choose 104 to publicise our job requests. First, 104 has the No.1 reputation and brand awareness in Taiwan. Second, there is always customer service staff available to solve our questions. Third, we can pause our hiring advertisement by signing into 104 at any time. Otherwise the attitude of the customer service staff is very good, they are professional and passionate and they also share career news or related information with us all the time.

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