To attract candidates in Turkey, there is one clear choice: Comscore Turkey shows that 72% of job site users visit Kariyer.net every month and 56% of them ONLY visit Kariyer.net.

As the market-leading job site in Turkey Kariyer.net is the first choice for more than 16 million candidates from all industries nationwide.

Kariyer.net is all about delivering results: 12,000 people find employment through their site every month and to date more than 950,000 people have been placed they in jobs using their job board.

With 13 regional branches and 300 experienced members of staff, Kariyer.net are there to help you 24/7 with a focus on excellence in customer service.

Kariyer.net is the market-leading job site with Turkey’s largest candidate database. The site launched in 1999 as the first job site in the country and has since gone on to place 950,000 people in employment. As a result, the job board is now established as one of the most widely-recognised brands in Turkish business. Kariyer.net brings together candidates and employers online, enabling candidates’ applications to be delivered in the most efficient and fastest way to recruiters.

Kariyer.net: investing in technology for a better future

Kariyer.net is developing its systems to become stronger every day and are dedicated to driving their business forward in the future. Extensive experience and know-how of human resources technologies put them at the top of Turkey’s recruitment sector. An executive database makes the hiring of executives more cost-effective and less time-consuming, while the latest member of the Kariyer.net family KariyerPro HR software maximises the efficiency of HR processes. Kariyer.net also produces an 80-page magazine, Business World, every month, sending it to HR professionals for free, giving them a communication avenue for the sector.

Kariyer.net extends the reach of its services through their İstanbul Anatolian Side and İstanbul Yeşilköy offices; Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Adana regional offices; and Antalya, Kayseri, Konya, Gaziantep and Kocali and Samsun sales offices. With a staff of more than 300 experienced people in the field of online human resources, working across their 13 regional branches, there is always the right specialists for recruitment your needs at hand.


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Vildan Ortaç – Operational Human Resources Director, Acıbadem Healthcare Group

Kariyer.net is one of the most dynamic platforms enabling candidates to find the most suitable job in their fields of interest and helping employers to find the right candidate at the right time. As far as the healthcare industry is concerned, they support the employment process of our group, which shows rapid growth. I believe that they will become a highly-effective web portal in terms of increasing application opportunities and gaining effectiveness in the long term for many new establishments all around Turkey.

Cengiz Kayabaş – Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Group Director, Atasay Jewelry

We use Kariyer.net effectively, especially for finding candidates and following industrial developments in the field of human resources. Finding the right candidate, giving feedback to candidates, sorting candidates according to required qualifications and other employment tasks are quite time consuming and difficult to fit into a system for human resources departments of all companies. At this point, Kariyer.net provides a highly-effective service to their business partners, saving them time. Services provided in industrial developments and human resources implementations provide new insights to HR departments.

Bekir Türkay – Human Resources Director, Kale Endüstri Holding A.Ş.

Kariyer.net is our most important solution partner for recruitment. Kariyer.net is our most important helper, guiding our business as well as other group companies through the process of searching and finding the right, quality candidates. They are the most effective outsource that accelerates and facilitates our employment process.

Çiğdem Çalışkan – Human Resources, Banvit A.Ş.

Banvit Human Resources Department has been working with Kariyer.net for almost 10 years. While Banvit has been undergoing growth, becoming one of the leading food companies in Europe, Kariyer.net has helped us by providing services and modern solutions to find qualified candidates rapidly during this 10-year period. The size of the candidate database and convenience of filtering options provided by Kariyer.net for finding the most suitable candidates that meet our criteria resulted in a fast recruitment process. Moreover, we are able to meet the qualified workforce requirements of our branch office network all over Turkey (not only the major industrial cities) thanks to ads posted on Kariyer.net. We would like to thank Kariyer.net and hope that our partnership continues for a very long time.

Birol Saylan – Human Resources Director, Limak Holding

For us, Kariyer.net is the only website for finding candidates. This is because we are sure of the quality of each and every candidate that prepares an online CV at Kariyer.net. Kariyer.net is the right website for us because we are sure that we can find right candidate in a very short time thanks to their easy-to-use search options. Kariyer.net is a dynamic channel that offers me and my HR team all of the current professional developments, best HR practices and employment maps through their research. In short, Kariyer.net is not only a tool that facilitates our employment process but is also a research tool for our profession.

Ufuk Karadeniz – Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Director, MESA Mesken Sanayii A.Ş.

One of the most important challenges that businesses face is working cost effectively. Therefore, it is the primary purpose to make the most suitable and effective decision and execute the function in the shortest possible time. This is also the case for the human resources field where the traditional cumbersome structure of employment processes have now been replaced on the internet, resulting in a highly effective body in terms of human resources. Our solution partner in this field is Kariyer.net, the first platform that provides services over the internet in our country. Kariyer.net has been developing over the time, resulting in development of us, HR professionals. We hope that this mutual relationship continues for a long time. Thank you.

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