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International recruitment services:
Attract top talent by using local languages

As companies open in new markets or when recruiting for subsidiaries, you have to recruit talent from the local market and for the local market. However, job announcements in a foreign language might exclude many ideal prospective employees. Foreign language skills may not be necessary for the candidates you are trying to attract. For this reason, posting vacancies in your language and/or in English may limit your ability to reach talent and the number of suitable applications you receive. Improve your foreign recruiting by talking to your audience with international recruitment services like translation.

Reach the best international talent by speaking your candidate’s language

  • Cost effective: one single translation can reach hundreds or thousands of people
  • Attract a broader applicant pool with more accessible job postings
  • Reach candidates who match your job requirements in local markets

Translation – international recruitment services details:

  • Translation service available in all languages
  • Cost effective fixed price
  • Experienced and trusted suppliers
  • Your account manager handles everything
  • No hassle, reliable translations

Translation is an international recruitment service with a high ROI due to the dramatic results it can bring to hiring campaigns. The Network makes it simple to arrange high quality translations with your local account manager for all your global recruiting needs.

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