Flexible Recruitment Solutions

Maximise time and cost savings with consolidated recruiting solutions from The Network

Your company’s hiring needs are often changing, making it difficult to predict the number of job postings necessary for a country over certain periods of time. With most volume discounts, you lose money when unused job listing credits expire in some countries and cannot be transferred to precisely where you need them. It also costs you more time and resources to manage multiple recruiting services in various countries.

Global recruiting solutions from The Network give you the flexibility and control you need

The Network specialises in tailored recruiting solutions that reflect the diversity and complexity of international recruiting and give you the flexibility and control you need.

  • Flexibility: Take advantage of local prices or purchase flexible recruitment packages (starting from 5+ jobs) that can be used and transferred to whichever countries you need, whenever you need them.
  • Control: With The Network as your single partner, centralised reporting lets you stay in control of your budget at all times no matter where in the world you are hiring.

Your business determines where and when you need to hire – with The Network, your recruiting solutions are as flexible as you are

For example, The Network’s Global Flex Pack allows you to buy job posting credits for a contract duration of up to one year. You can use these at any time and wherever you need in more than 130 countries. No matter whether you have to fill 5 or 25,000 positions each year, The Network has recruiting solutions that fit your geographical hiring areas and your budget while keeping you in control.