Local Market Leaders

Take advantage of The Network’s local expertise to recruit effectively across the globe

Locating talent across different markets presents unique challenges for recruiters. What hiring information attracts applicants in certain regions? Which recruitment websites and products work best to attract local talent? Varying regulations and guidelines in different countries further complicate the recruitment process.

The Network strengthens your recruitment efforts with local expertise and leading recruitment websites in more than 130 countries

Local expertise: Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the local recruitment websites united in The Network offer individual solutions. Our members’ measure-made products guarantee your best results in each market.
Global coverage: 58 world leading companies in the online recruitment market, covering more than 130 countries, are available to you with a single point of contact through The Network.
Higher ROI: A single contract to purchase products from The Network’s local job boards is the most cost-effective strategy to fill your vacancies. Use the best solution for each individual market for higher quality applicants while saving time and money.

Benefit from the individual market insight of The Network’s global alliance of local recruitment websites

  • The Network member in your target country speaks the local language and understands the recruitment environment.
  • You benefit from the high brand awareness of established recruitment websites in the local market.
  • Market experts understand local talent and know how to attract the best active candidates in their respective countries.
  • Products are designed for the local market, providing you with the best possible results and hiring outcomes.
  • Localised support and centralised reporting and control makes the consolidated recruitment process manageable and effective.

By utilising the expertise of The Network’s local members, you can recruit as effectively in foreign markets as you can in your own. Besides a flexible solution that really works in local markets, you’ll have the convenience of a single contract for any number of countries for an unbeatable ROI.