Unrivalled Global Coverage

Wherever you need to source talent, The Network is there for you

Recruiting talent internationally is complex. With so many recruitment websites around the world, how do you know which one is best suited for your needs? What is the best way to appeal to prospective employees in different markets? Where can you find an international recruitment partner who covers all the countries you need?

The Network understands the challenges facing international recruiters and offers a truly global solution with unparalleled global reach

58 market leading job board companies have joined forces within The Network to provide you with a convenient and powerful international recruitment solution. Today The Network unifies many of the world’s best job boards and enables you to purchase products from associated recruitment sites in over 130 countries.

Unrivalled global coverage:

Active in over 130 countries, The Network covers the largest number of countries via a single solution. This allows you to fill a wide range of job roles across all industry sectors worldwide – whether you are looking to recruit in the world’s largest economies, or want to fulfil specific hiring needs in countries, from Azerbaijan to Panama.

Strong players for your recruitment strategy:

Many of the job boards united within The Network are pioneers in their respective countries and leaders in terms of innovation. Some of these recruitment sites have a market share of up to 85% and are the undisputed number 1 in their country. To recruit in markets or countries you are unfamiliar with, simply rely on The Network’s members to help you find the best solution. The results will speak for themselves.
Optimise your sourcing effectiveness with The Network’s unrivalled reach and global coverage and reach, which is increasing every day. Discover the time savings and value that The Network’s unique alliance of the world’s leading recruitment websites can offer you.