Global Talent Survey

Global Talent Survey

More Effective Global Sourcing with The Network’s Research

Talent is the new capital for businesses as the international labor market becomes larger and more complex. Employees are becoming increasingly mobile as new markets open up around the world. Information about the market and how to best attract mobile candidates is vital for effective global sourcing. The Network offers exclusive understanding of the world’s talent pool. Knowing how mobile individuals around the world react differently puts recruiters in a stronger position to attract the best international talent.

A scope of research and knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else

Every few years, The Network carries out an international research “Global Talent Survey” in conjunction with our project partners, our member job boards and other business associates. Through this continuing research, we built on our knowledge and expertise in the global labor market, talent mobility and employment preferences.

08 countries
21,000 job seekers surveyed
044 countries
66,000 job seekers surveyed
066 countries
162,495 job seekers surveyed
0189 countries
203,756 job seekers surveyed
0197 countries

366,139 job seekers surveyed

The Global Talent Survey conducted in 2018 is a joint project of The Network and The Boston Consulting Group, providing a unique global perspective with over 366,000 job seekers surveyed. Detailed information are available in the publication called Decoding Global Talent 2018.

The research shows:

  • Where to find talent that matches your needs
  • How to obtain your desired skill set or meet a shortage in the local labor market
  • Who is willing to move to a certain country and why
  • The most important job aspects for job seekers

Become your own global recruitment expert with the invaluable Decoding Global Talent insight

Through The Network, you have exclusive access to empowering resources for planning your global recruitment strategy, such as comprehensive reports, white papers and an online tool that gives recruiters detailed information about labor markets around the world.

Access Decoding Global Talent 2018 Report

Take your global recruitment process to the next level. The insight from Decoding Global Talent report takes the guesswork out of recruiting in foreign countries, enabling better results with fewer resources.

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