How to Use Your International Locations to Attract Top Talent Employees

How to Use Your International Locations to Attract Top Talent Employees

From local markets to the international stage, companies across the globe are struggling to fill skilled employee positions, and it’s not just in the IT field. From engineers to talented industry supervisors, businesses are doing their best to attract talented members of the workforce to fill their empty positions but often we find that the best candidates either already have a permanent position or are happy freelancing without the restriction of office hours or company policies. Even millennials, who most employers feel should have become a wave of eager and easy to hire new employees, are finding remote and contract positions straight out of college instead of lining up for the usual office positions.

So where does that leave the many international businesses scrambling for a share of the talented professionals in their industry? Looking for new ways to attract talent beyond the traditional pay scale, benefits packages, and promises of a few extra vacation days. Some millennials care most about office culture, others about company charity policies, and many value your remote, flexible, and family-friendly scheduling over all other things. However, if you want one of the ambitious and bold rising stars in industry talent, your international locations might be the key to bringing on talented enthusiastic new hires.

The Appeal of Working ‘Abroad’

When competing for millennial professionals, it helps to remember that while they are more down-to-earth and long-view oriented than previous generations, they’re also still young adults looking for adventure, new experiences, and inspiring opportunities. Standard hiring practices hold to the practical concept of ‘hire where you are’. Naturally, you want employees who know the area and the culture of your local customers and other staff members but that doesn’t mean you can’t also send them on adventures. If you’re trying to find top talent for your American offices, for example, your candidates are likely to be much more interested if they see an opportunity to spend some time also working in your Europe or Asia locations as well.

Training Overseas

While you may be hiring a local employee for a local position, there is a quick and very fun way to entice them with foreign adventures as well. Simply have the majority of your onboarding done in another country. Offer to ship off a new hire to one of your international locations to learn the ropes and use the opportunity to groom your jet-setting trainees in how to deal with inter-locational issues like translation mix-ups, customs, and coordination between international offices.

For Young and Old New Hires

Of course, while the primary appeal of international training will be targeted at talented millennial hires, young people who yearn to see the world and meet thousands of new people, don’t discount the old pros either. Many of the most talented members of an industry profession have worked their entire lives in the same city, state, or country and also have a desire, if a little more quietly held, to see the world, have foreign adventures, and perhaps gather a list of pen-pals. Older employees are also more likely to be practical about returning home when the onboarding vacation is done. Because you never know who will jump at the opportunity to spend two weeks to six months abroad for a new job, keep the option open and consider using it to catch a great candidate, no matter what their age or apparent demographic.

The one thing that most companies don’t realize when trying to be competitive in the hiring market is what assets they already have. Your international locations are some of the best hiring assets you have available if you’re willing to use them.

The Network Editorial Team