The Network Releases its New Recruiter Application, a Tool for Worldwide Job Listings Distribution

The Network Releases its New Recruiter Application, a Tool for Worldwide Job Listings Distribution

Brussels, November 21, 2016) Today, The Network released a new Recruiter Application, a proprietary job posting tool available to its partners and their clients. This new release is a part of The Network’s ongoing efforts to create innovative and customizable tools to reduce burden for hiring managers, while supporting their international recruitment needs.

Through the new Recruiter Application, recruiters can easily manage job listings in one place, on one easy-to-use interface which doesn’t require any technical expertise. The NRA was developed in response to earlier released Multi-posting Tool (MPT) which allows clients who work with software such as Braodbean or SmartPost, to integrate their tool with MPT and deliver their job listings automatically to The Network’s members.

Via the Multi-posting Tool, the new Recruiter Application makes it possible to distribute a job listing worldwide: The Network has partnerships with 59 job boards covering 138 countries. The tool adapts job listings to the specific requirements of each channel in no time, and optimizes them to fit every job board’s specification.

“As a trusted alliance and industry leader, we are proud to deliver on our promise to bring this next-generation tool to our partners and their clients,” said Mike Booker, The Network’s Managing Director. “The job board industry has been disrupted by new technologies and solutions, so it is critical for us to stay ahead of the game and to provide a new and improved solution our partners and their clients expect from us.”

Some of the NRA’s functionalities are:

  • Secured job posting
  • Creating a new listing in a couple of clicks
  • Inventory/credit monitoring
  • Categories
  • Customer set-up
  • Statistics
  • Job status
  • Mapping management
  • Consumption reports

In upcoming months, The Network will be releasing additional NRA’s features such as market intelligence metrics, extended multiple templates support, wallet consumption compliance with business restrictions, just to name a few.

About The Network

The Network was founded in 2002 by StepStone and with a mission to provide recruiters with one global solution for all their international hiring needs. At that time, the alliance covered 18 countries. The growth continued, and a decade later, over 50 of the world’s leading job boards are united within The Network, offering recruiters unrivalled reach to the best talent in over 130 countries. The Network offers flexible, cost-effective country packages to fit various clients’ hiring needs, what results in better candidates, more convenience for online recruitment staff, and a higher ROI.