Jobartis Joins the Network

Jobartis Joins the Network

We are excited to
welcome a new member to the Network: Jobartis
from Angola.

Jobartis was launched in 2013 with the need to create a
useful employment tool for companies and job seekers. Today, Jobartis is the number one job board in
Angola. Jobartis’ main priority is
to keep its database up-to-date with the best candidates. It focuses its
efforts on obtaining Angolan candidates in both Angola and its diaspora,
without neglecting relevant foreign candidates. Jobartis has a physical presence in Angola and sales hub in Europe
to centralize sales and scale growth.

If you’ve ever been to
Africa, you must know that it is developing at a very fast rate. Angola is the
fifth largest economy in Africa. The IMF forecasts 2% growth in 2017.

Further, the following
highlights are the key findings about Africa from the World Economic Forum’s
Executive Briefing from May 2017 entitled (appropriately enough) “The Future of Jobs and Skills in

The Youngest
Working Population. 
than 60% of the population is under age 25 in sub-Saharan Africa. By
the year 2030, researchers expect that more than 25% of the world’s under-age
25 group will live in Africa. By 2030, the working age population will grow
from 370 million adults to 600 million.

In 2010, 36% of
the adult population in Sub-Saharan Africa had a secondary education. By 2030,
that percentage will increase to 52%. Over the next three, each year 15-20
million educated young Africans will join the workforce. That’s a demographic
windfall that the workplace and society must prepare for if they are to score
the advantage.

Currently trending professions. The following professions are currently
popular in Africa:

  • Creative
  • Food
  • 3D
  • Data
    center workers
  • Education
    and health workers

In the future,
researchers anticipate job growth in the green industry, ICT, hard and soft
infrastructure, and some work will employ new formats. Comparing that list of
job growth industries to the list of current popular professions, it’s not hard
to see how much the skills required will change.

Jobartis contacts for your records:

Bem-vindo à Network, Jobartis!