New member joined The Network: Novojob

New member joined The Network: Novojob

We are pleased to announce a new addition to The Network – Novojob from Ivory Coast.

Launched in May 2017, Novojob is the leading e-recruitment actor that connects talent and businesses in Ivory Coast. Through job ads and employer branding solutions combined with Talenteo, its ATS tool, Novojob makes it easier for companies to satisfy their recruitment needs.

With over 50.000 monthly visitors, 170.000 registered candidates and 85.000 Facebook followers, Novojob has a unique position to promote job opportunities to the right target. SACO, VIVO ENERGY, CIE, PROSUMA, SGBCI are some big companies among Novojob’s local happy customers.

Top 5 CVs by occupational area:

  1. Accounting, finance
  2. Commercial, technical sales, after sales services
  3. Computer, information technology, internet
  4. Marketing, communication
  5. Human resources

According to Brookings Institute, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) has a high labor force participation rate of 76.8 percent and a low unemployment rate of 6.7 percent. In rural areas, the labor participation rate reaches 85 percent against 68 percent in urban areas. It’s safe to say that majority of Ivoirians today are employed in some way, but their main challenge is not to find a job, but to find one with which they can earn a decent income. Click here to read more about the labor market in Ivory Coast.

Further, as per the Global Talent Survey conducted by The Network and the Boston Consulting group, here are some insights about talent mobility and job preferences:

  • Countries from where people would like to come to Ivory Coast to work: Benin, Cameroon, Tunisia, Ghana, Morocco, France, Norway, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Belgium.
  • Willingness to work abroad of people in Ivory Coast: 80% compared to 57% on global level.
  • Where people from Ivory Coast would like to go for work: Canada, France, United States, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana.
  • Job preferences of people in Ivory Coast:
  1. Learning and skills training
  2. Career development possibilities
  3. Financial stability of the employer
  4. Good relationship with a supervisor
  5. Job security
  6. Good relationship with colleagues
  7. Creative and innovative work environment
  8. Company values
  9. Good work-life balance
  10. Employer reputation

Please join us in welcoming Novojob to The Network!

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